Are you struggling with LinkedIn, not sure even where to start?

Has your Linkedin profile been gathering virtual dust?

How would you feel if someone landed on your profile and clicked off within 7 seconds?

Are you struggling with LinkedIn, not sure even where to start?

Has your Linkedin profile been gathering virtual dust?

How would you feel if someone landed on your profile and clicked off within 7 seconds?

Are you struggling with LinkedIn, not sure even where to start?

Has your Linkedin profile been gathering virtual dust?

How would you feel if someone landed on your profile and clicked off within 7 seconds?

On LinkedIn but not getting any return for your efforts? I will demystify the platform and show you how to get up to a 500% increase in results in days!!

On LinkedIn but not sure what to do? Still, stuck with an online CV version? Not sure how to handle connection requests or what to post and when? My solution to these challenges and many more is to turn you from being LinkedON to being LinkedIN. What I mean by this is that many people are on LinkedIn (some 776 million worldwide and just over 32 million in the UK, as of June2021) but many are not sure how to use it (over 90% of the people I have met over the last 12 years!! And I have attended over 2000 events). I solve this issue by doing an Audit on their profile to see where they currently are, take some metrics and then implement the report findings with the client. Also I teach them how to use the platform and all it’s hidden gems as well as those on the App. This solution takes them from frustration to fulfilment as they master the platform and start to grow their business using it.
linkedin audit


The first step is to get your profile audited to see where you currently stand on the platform

linkedin transform


Your next step is to transform your profile from an also ran to a top performer

linkedin action


Set up the activity required to keep you at the top of the searches and those leads rolling in

The majority of my clients and most people I meet have been on the platform for
years but just do not know how to make best use of it.

As a result of this, they spend a lot of time and effort with very little reward. Also, they get connection requests from weird sources as well as recruiters bothering them.

I hold my client's hands and demystify the platform taking them on a journey to where they need to be on LinkedIn.
These clients often see:
> up to a 500% increase in visibility
> An 88% increase in LinkedIn related sales
> Approaches for proposals from companies they had never heard from before

Stop letting LinkedIn be a time waster

Do you feel like by not knowing what is the best thing you need to be doing on LinkedIn that you may be suffering from FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)? Well there is a very strong possibility that in fact you are actually missing out. LinkedIn statistics show that less than 10% of accounts are being effectively used so the odds are against you if you do not have the correct guidance.

Your lack of knowledge and only having had some basic training stops you having the profile you deserve

I am sure, that like many of the 90+% who are not getting LinkedIn to work for them that you would love a profile that built relationships, generated leads and created revenue. Think what it would feel like to know that you are being found regularly by people searching on LinkedIn when you are not even in the room.

Are you aware of the activity and frequency needed to keep your LinkedIn working for you or have you been told it takes hours a day?

For most of us in business time is a very precious commodity and wasting time is nothing short of a catastrophe. But how do you find out what you need to do and more importantly how you do it and how often. Doing the correct activity at the correct frequency is vital to continued success.

These are the 6 areas of importance I provide to get you LinkedIN not LinkedON


The Audit looks at Your profile and reports on how effective it is and what needs changing.


This is a session with you where the report is fully implemented and the platform demystified.


This can be an open or inhouse workshop tailored to your needs.


These are often run in conjunction with me speaking at expo’s.


Through a closed LinkedIn group for all paying clients.

Ongoing Assistance

Packages are available to have regular Zoom meetings to keep you on track and update you

About Tony

Creator of the LinkedIn Profile Audit (LIPA) that generates qualified targeted leads, builds new relationships and generates more sales, and author of two LinkedIn books, Tony K Silver, the founder of Solid Silver Solutions is the driving force and the person who heads the delivery of the key services. Tony is the go-to guy for LinkedIn. He has taken the time to understand the algorithm and has become the LinkedIn profiler, often being ranked in the top5 by the platform in its search criteria. With all his knowledge and years of experience, Tony is able to deliver successful results for his clients on a regular basis.

He works with individuals as well as teams and can work on a 1-2-1 basis or run workshops, seminars, give presentations or be a podcast and webinar guest.

As the below testimonials can attest he has had a high level of demonstrable success since he started the business and drives the company on to help more businesses get what they need from the platform. He has over 150 recommendations and adds to this with at least 2 per month

Solid Silver Solutions

Solid Silver Solutions was set up by Tony to assist both Micro Businesses up to teams from SMEs and Corporate companies to maximise their return on investment when it comes to their LinkedIn profiles and activities. Tony is a LinkedIn Specialist and his main service is his unique LinkedIn Profile Audit report but delivers all things LinkedIn as well as being a Public Speaker on his favourite subject. I required Tony also has access to an invaluable business network, he has strong working relationships with experts in various business topics. He has selected the best of these to work as trusted associates who are available to deliver expert training on various key aspects of business in the digital age.
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Some kind words

Eva R


Cannot recommend Tony enough. Easy going and a very nice guy. We have had 121 looking at my LinkedIn profile and making it more Henley Scan, to help us use LinkedIn generating business. Tony has looked at my profile several times during a period of 3 weeks and also gave me a document with what needed to improve on my profile. He's shown me several short cuts, enhancements and his knowledge of LinkedIn is outstanding. I do think I have just scratched the surface of his knowledge - and will use his private group to enhance my learning as well as follow up with another 121 session when I have put in to practice what I've learnt recently as well as become more habitual in my LinkedIn usage. Thankyou again.
Vafa T


I asked Tony to guide me on improving my LI presence, and with his friendly and easy to follow instructions and recommendations on finding and joining relavant groups, I had an increased engagement of around two and a half times within the first few days of implementing his advice. He's one of the kindest and most supportive people I have come across in the last year and I highly recommend his services if you need help with visibility and engagement

Would you like to understand how to use LinkedIn to generate leads and revenue as well as prospect like a professional?

Let’s be clear – it’s not as easy as it appears! Like probably all areas of life it appears easy when you see it being done well…but there’s always a ‘secret’ that the best of the best know and others don’t.

I Have helped over 200 companies over the last 2 years But It Involved Many Hard Lessons Along The Way…. Don’t ‘Go it alone’ And Suffer As many do, reach out and I will help!!

Ok, so it sounds easy right, it's just social media isn't it?…I mean you are confident in your ability, you’ve got a lot of experience in talking with and mixing with business people… surely that translates fairy easily into a great LinkedIn profile? No!!

What does your profile tell the viewer? Will they be engaged?
Is your activity drawing people in? Do you know how to do a targeted search?
Do you get found in 100+ searches a week? Do people seek out your expertise?

And I could go on and on….
Here’s the brutal truth – it will take you much, much longer to get your LinkedIn profile to the level that puts you in the top 10% and cost you much more pain and ‘lost money’ to ‘learn as you go along’. You’ll cause you far greater stress and cash flow worries instead of simply letting me show you what works so that you get going quickly.

As it turns out, winning in the world of LinkedIn has nothing to do with economies, politics or regions of the country…. it’s not about the suit you wear or the networking group you attend… I’ve done the hard part… don’t give yourself unnecessary stress!

And It’s So Rewarding!

Business Owners Are So Grateful That I have managed To Help…they report working with me gave them Massive Satisfaction

Done With You Is Better ….
Increase Your Success Chances MASSIVELY!

It is critical to understand – having your own business IS the ONLY way to make ‘serious’ monies. BUT working for your self is seriously stressful and frankly 99% of those who take the leap end up working harder than before. So why not get your LinkedIn profile generate leads when you are not in the room, work with me to manage your profile, let me do the monthly activities that keep those leads being generated and to build you a strong network. Do what you are best at and I will help you with LinkedIn, the bit I am best at.

So Here’s How my programme works….

You order an Audit report

You ask me to look at your profile and produce one of my bespoke reports

You have the implementation session

We work together to implement the report and demystify the platform, Or I can do it for you if you are looking for management

You join the LinkedIn Group

Where I post updates before the general public see and run a community

You sign up for Ongoing Assistance to suit your needs

I do all the day to today management to generate leads and grow your network

Very important - this is NOT for everyone.

The LinkedIn Service/ Programme is 100% committed to helping. There is no magic wand or magic pill…this programme involves working at your new business challenge. We will guide you, I will support you and assist you…but ultimately it is you in control.

IF you are committed to finally making a difference in your business and using your skills to earn more revenue then why hesitate let’s start today when you commit to training and me supporting you …but it is a 2 way street.

At our ‘initial dance together’ we will privately discuss with you your challenges, history and future plans and help you make a plan that’s right for you….but if you are not commited or it is the wrong time then I will stay true to my ethics and not accept you onto our programme.

These are my Values

To provide Enrichment by sharing knowledge that advances peoples businesses

Respecting others and myself in both deeds and thought

Inclusiveness of engagement through communications for mutual benefit

Did you know that we offer guarantees?

1/ If you have an implementation and do the monthly activity then I guarantee you will see a marked increase in engagement. 2/ I will answer client Hotline questions in 24 hours